🎥 National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson explains all the insights and nuances of traveling to Scotland. From the best places to photograph to understanding the mystery of Loch Ness.

The interview with photographer Jim Richardson, an expert on Scotland, answers the following questions:
00:0001:03 Interview with National Geographic Photographer Jim Richardson
01:0301:59 What is the country where the official animal is the unicorn?
01:5902:49 Which country has the highest proportion of redheads in the world?
02:4903:57 Which country is home to the oldest tree in Europe?
03:5706:59 What is Scotland famous for?
06:5912:51 Why Scotland is a land of 3 languages?
12:5116:24 Highlight of favorite Scottish sayings
16:2419:42 What are the top five Indispensable Scottish Words any visitor should know?
19:4221:18 Who has built most of the lighthouses in Scotland?
21:1824:59 What are the Callanish Stones?
24:5926:24 What is the meaning of Haggis?
26:2430:53 History of the Water for Life or the centenary drink of Scotch
30:5336:01 The story behind the Loch Ness
36:0141:28 What are the top five places any traveler visiting Scotland should not miss?