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On Smartphone Photography, Plant-Based Diets & Barbies

How are you navigating this quarantine? I know rules and situations are totally different from person to person, country to country. If you have two free minutes, I would love to hear how are things on your side of the mountain?
If you missed my last Smartphone online course, we will be soon launching a new one. The first class will happen on May 21 5 pm EST. You can register here. If you have a smartphone; you can squeeze two hours a week for a month; and have an interest in learning about photography and the use of your phone (iPhone, Galaxy, etc) to capture beautiful images that tell a story (family reunions, travel adventures, grandchildren in action and more), this is the right course for you. All levels accepted.
Smartphone Course Testimonial: “Thank you very much for the online course on how to use our smartphones to take better pictures. I found the course to be very informative, especially on the technical aspects of my cell phone camera. I also appreciated the assignments that allowed us to explore the technical capabilities of our phones and then to receive feedback on the finished photo. It was an added bonus to have the discussions on the content and composition of our photos. It reinforced in me the importance of looking at the entire photograph and not just the primary subject. I also appreciated the introduction to the work of many photographers and the opportunity to see various styles of photography.” — John Harrits
Being at home has its benefits, especially when you have free time and extra hands to help with projects! If you have a small outdoor space and want to start a garden, here are some tips and supplies to get started. This is a great activity for the family to do together and doesn’t take too much to begin. There are many ways to transform an outdoor space into a beautiful, diverse garden!
Or maybe you are trying to become vegetarian or vegan, maybe you want to eat less meat-based meals during the week or maybe you just want some help discovering all the products out there! There are many ways to have a well-balanced diet without eating animal products; let’s explore some fun facts about plant-based foods & talk tips for your next grocery trip!
Many people have asked about how do we keep track of all the free books we distribute in remote communities. Each dragonfly ambassador or partner organization receiving the donated publications. Remember you can always see our official distribution list on our blog (pending to be updated with recent data and digital downloads.)
Never Stop Dreaming!
Kike Calvo
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