Incredible ENCOUNTER with a female PUMA and her CUBSTORRES del PAINE (CHILE)


Welcome to Patagonia in Chile. This is the story of Blinka, a female puma dwelling in Torres del Paine National Park, together with her two cubs. She probably had her right eye damaged in a fight.

Many locals consider the Puma concolor the guardian of the Andes. Pumas inhabit shrubby steppe ecoregion, woodlands, and mountains.  For muy indigenous cultures throughout the Americas, this animal is revered as sacred.

Local guides had found the puma family on a guanaco kill. Photographer Greg Boreham followed them to a mossy area. The next day, the puma returned to the same location to finish the kill. And so did the photographer.

Anticipating the events, the photographer went directly to the same water source, setting up a GoPro next to where the pumas drank the day before.

He started recording and moved to a safe distance. In this incredible footage, we can see the mom and the two six-month-old cubs. The female cub is the first to walk by. The male cub is the one behind the mom.

Pumas are considered the fourth largest cats in the world, after the lion, the tiger, and the jaguar. They can be found from Canada all the way down to Patagonia. The puma does not roar like other felines, such as the lion or the tiger, but purrs like a domestic cat.