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Reflections with an Accent


I always wanted to start writing a regular blog post based on daily ruminations. With or without purpose, share daily ideas, fears, emotions, and motivations that transverse my unseen inner universe. Yes, you will encounter the occasional grammatical mistakes, the same way you hear an accent when I speak. Will this be a hindrance to my readers? Time will tell.

This effort will serve the double purpose of forcing me to explore the written art of the English language while dispersing my ponderings and introspections in a variety of fields. As I enjoyed one of my almost circadian daily walks this morning, an audiobook prompted me to start. Is there anything you been wanting to do for a long? Maybe you just need to start with the first step. It doesn’t matter if your intention is setting the goal of doing one push up a day or beginning your meditation undertaking with one breath. Maybe the moment is now.

What if in the end, the cumulative lessons on both sides transcend the aggregate value of the parts involved?

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