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So You Want to Buy a BenQ SW320?


Ask any photographer or digital worker who has added an external monitor to their workspace about their experience, and they’ll almost always tell you the same thing: they can’t imagine going back to working without it. A good extra monitor gives you the space to edit photos in high definition, keep multiple windows open without layering, and accomplish previously difficult tasks like chatting with someone online while simultaneously editing photos.

If you’re interested in getting a new monitor, where should you start? There is a core group of monitors that have been used in the recent years of this burgeoning trend. I would recommend one by the tech leaders BenQ. BenQ is one of the top world technology providers, often focusing on visual display and mobile solutions. My studio is comprised of multiple gadgets and brands, but I can say I have been a longtime user of BenQ’s monitors and display technologies. K.Y. Lee, Chairman of BenQ, focuses on technology’s applications within lifestyle, business, healthcare, and education. As a part of this, BenQ has produced a line of sleek, easy to use monitors, which are some of the most used by professionals today.

The 31.5 inch 4K Adobe RGB Color Management Photographer Monitor SW320 builds upon the success of earlier models to bring the latest in audiovisual technology. Big, bright, crisp – almost like a window into a more vivid world than our own.

The SW320 boasts an impressive array of new features. With a 4K UHD Monitor, images show up with inimitable clarity, pixels becoming almost invisible. Display is conducted with 99% Adobe Color RGB Space, which particularly offers a greater range of color options for blue and green, making the monitor ideal for those working with nature photography. Rather than an 8-bit display, the 10-bit display shows the viewer a staggering range of more than one billion colors. The SW320 also features special High Dynamic Range imagery, which increases the overall dynamic range between black and white. This makes the resulting image appear crisper and closer to real life than what one would ordinarily see with most monitors.

All this top-notch color technology makes a photographer like me feel like a kid in a candy shop. But it doesn’t end there; the 14-bit 3D Look Up Table is a special color schematic that improves blending accuracy. With this technology, colors can be reproduced with greater accuracy than ever before. The hardware on the monitor is also specially calibrated to keep images consistent with their original color ranges despite the monitor they’re being used with, maintaining greater color accuracy than most monitors. The Palette Master Element Calibration Software is a settings manager that allows you to keep all these visual aspects at their optimal settings.

These complicated phrases all converge on one simple truth: the BenQ SW320 is an incredible piece of modern technology specifically designed to fulfill the desires of visual professionals.



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