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The Song: It all Started with a Song


My name is Kike Calvo, a photographer working regularly as a National Geographic Photographer on expeditions around the world.

One day, I started hearing a melody in his head. I ventured into the wonderful journey of learning to play piano, along with my six-year daughter. In a fun and challenging effort, I wrote my first song. Un Recuerdo para el Mañana, which translates into a Memory for Tomorrow. A very simple score that tried to capture the joy of becoming a dad for the first time; the priceless feeling of inspiring others to dream and aspire.

Believing in the universality of art and music, Kike decided to invite musicians from around the world in a collaborative effort to help his dream come true: Bringing awareness to The Adventures of Pili. A project that donates thousands of books to kids living in remote communities around the world, such as the Amazon or the Orinoco.

If you are a dreamer like Kike, and you happen to play an instrument, we invite you to join the movement by sending a video playing the song. And if you are not, maybe you can share it with someone who is passionate about music.

And yes, Kike is still learning to play piano, and probably will for many years to come. But remember, like everything else in life, it is about the journey and not the destination.

As he always says: Never Stop Dreaming!

Follow this music project here or in Kike Calvo´s YouTube Channel

🎼 UN RECUERDO PARA EL MAÑANA (DEMO). Piano, Cello & Violin. This extended version for Piano, Cello, and Violin was elevated and arranged by ENZO DE ROSA, using Kike´s initial composition Un Recuerdo para el Mañana.

Learn my Song Now: Synthesia Piano Tutorial

Song Submissions from around the World

Flute from Brazil

Accordion from Ukraine

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