Prepare for your Colombian adventure with confidence, as we guide you through the essentials for diverse climates. From rain jackets in the Amazon to sun hats on Cartagena’s sunny beaches and high-altitude gear for mountain exploration, our expert tips ensure you stay comfortable and protected throughout your journey in Colombia.

This music score for piano is protected by copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or public performance of this […]

In the Solomon Islands, it is a cultural practice for some people, particularly in certain communities, to have red-stained teeth. This practice is known as “betel nut chewing” or “buai chewing.”

Deadly Beauty: A Closer Look at Maori Weapons and Combat

Discover the fascinating world of Maori weaponry and the art of war with this engaging and informative video. From the taiaha and patu to the mere and tewhatewha, Maori weapons are as beautiful as they are deadly. Through expert analysis and historical insights, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of these weapons in Maori culture and the ways in which they were used in battle. Join us on a journey through time to explore the art of war in Maori tradition and the unique place that these weapons hold in the history of New Zealand.

Hay muchas teorías sobre el origen de las Hadas del Bosque. Es posible que el origen se remonte […]

Resident storyteller Sari Mira reads the book The Adventures of Pili in New York, written by Kike Calvo, in both English and Arabic at the The Arab American National Museum.


uge tsunami-like wave at Glacier National Park in Argentina.

¿Cómo fotografiar un atardecer?

Explicación detallada sobre cómo fotografiar un atardecer. El video tutorial incluye sugerencias y consejos para mejorar nuestras fotografías […]