Jim Bullard: A Conversation that Changed the Course of my Life

Photo © Dee David

With sadness I I just found out about Jim Bullard passing away after battling MDS/AML Leukemia for several years. Jim was an inspiration, and certainly, someone who like Ford Cochran believed in me, and changed my life forever.

I met Jim in what was his last week at National Geographic. Even though he was leaving the organization, he had the heart to listen to what a young Spaniard had to say and offer.

He not only did that, but left a personal note to whoever came next – It happened to be Ford Cochran – so I would be given an opportunity with National Geographic Expeditions. He believed I had a unique international and photographic background.

We were never close friends, and we just crossed paths once. But wherever you are, I am sure you will be watching with joy, all the professionals and humans you helped bloom along the way.

Safe Travels and my condolences to his family and friends.