Juno Winter Storm arrives in New York


This post is the last in the Click! Click! Click! Series which profiles interesting photographic moments that Kike captures during his travels.

As Juno, the potentially historic winter storm setting in from New York City to Boston, gains strength and forces a shut down of most services across its 250-mile span, the city that never sleeps is asked to retire for a day or two.

But in this city, the show must go on. While Broadway shows get canceled, the subway gets suspended and cars get banned from city streets, New Yorkers resiliently go about their day.  A grey, snowy Manhattan seems to become the stage of a 1950’s theater play.  Black coats, hats, and umbrellas brave the storm and reluctantly flock to shelter as the blizzard enters the scene with its loud, gusting winds.

The magic of the Manhattan nightscape lives on through the beginning of the storm tonight. And the blurry, empty streets add to its nostalgic, timeless feel. But with this storm history is being written. And that is far beyond picturesque.  It is a serious dose of realism.  The international climate change community warns that with climate change, more randomly frequent extreme weather events are expected to occur. In a city that routinely reinvents itself, one can only expect that a climate-resilient, low-carbon New York will play its part in a more sustainable global economy.


Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

Photographer Kike Calvo flying drones

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