So You Want to Buy a BenQ PD2700 Monitor?

When people picture photographers at work, the images they usually come up with involve them out in the field, running around in interesting situations with camera in hand, capturing the action whirling around them. The chance to have adventures is one of the greatest things about being a photographer. However, as any photographer will quickly learn, there is a second world in the photographer’s life: all the time we spend going through and editing photos!

In fact, digital photographers probably spend just as much time with their photos on the computer as they do taking them – maybe more. So it’s very important to have gear that helps us look at our work in the highest quality possible.

 When I’m at work in my studio, I often spend long-hours staring at a monitor. From choosing the right images to making sure the metadata is properly entered for each picture.


BenQ has recently released the new PD2700Q monitor. At 27 inches wide, there is more than enough space to examine the tiniest detail of a photo in clear definition. And even more importantly, this new release has bulked up the graphic superpower with 10-bit color depth, Rec.709 and standard RGB color space (sRGB), and razor-sharp 2560×1440 pixel resolution. This latest 27″ display is aimed squarely at visual artists artists, with an emphasis on accurate color reproduction. I really like the fact that the PD2700Q has has HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini-DP inputs, as well as a headphone passthrough for HDMI audio.

 Standing for “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life,” BenQ is a company that focuses on the areas it believes can bring the most to human experience: lifestyle, business, healthcare, and education. They are known for producing cutting edge digital display products: projectors, monitors, digital displays, and beyond. Since BenQ began in 2001, they have produced millions of design and technology solutions for creative professions. BenQ is chaired by K.Y. Lee, who leads with a simple mantra: “because it matters.”



 This means that photographers can look at their work with an incredible range of more than one billion color options! As photographers, the ability to edit our photos effectively can make or break us. A monitor with low color range may result in a poorly edited image that doesn’t transfer well into print or gallery shows. A monitor like the PD2700Q provides unparalleled sensitivity and color control. The monitor can also simulate special color environments with settings like Darkroom, which brings out the clarity in details perfect for a dark photo editing environment; CAD/CAM, which increases the sharpness of line in technical illustrations; and Animation, which enhances details in shadowed areas so animators can edit object motion more easily.

 Sections of the desktop can be effectively partitioned to separate several projects all going on one screen. The PD2700Q also boasts exciting features like a rotating screen. Why should every computer monitor be landscape oriented? Just swivel the monitor, and the contents will adjust to fit portrait orientation. And for those of us who might spend hours working in front of screens, this monitor will help with eye fatigue: special flicker-free technology and low blue light settings are specifically calculated to minimize eye strain and keep our eyes healthy for the next project.

 I have recently added a PD2700Q to one of my working stations and I am extremely happy with it. With so many useful features elegantly packed into a sleek and compact body, it represents the forefront of digital product design at an affordable price.

BenQ has also created a micro site for its creative series displays in case you want to learn more.


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