American Girl: Historical Characters

Are you a true American Doll fan? Will you be able to tell the names of all the historical female characters of the American Girl collection?

•   Kaya'aton'my, representing Indigenous America (specifically, the Nimiipuu peoples of the Pacific Northwest) in a region prior to permanent European colonization.
•   Felicity Merriman, representing English Colonial America at the dawn of the Revolutionary War
•   Caroline Abbott, representing the War of 1812
•   Josefina Montoya, representing Mexican culture in Southwest America while under Mexican rulership
•   Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner, representing New Orleans (Including Free Blacks) in the antebellum period and during the 1853 yellow fever epidemic
•   Kirsten Larson, representing mid-century settlement of the American "West" by White European immigrants and pioneers
•   Addy Walker, representing African-Americans during the tail end of the Civil War era and the early Reconstruction Era
•   Samantha Parkington, representing turn-of-the-century America and the early American Progressive Era
•   Rebecca Rubin, representing American Jewish culture in the early twentieth century/World War I era with focus on immigration and the silent film era
•   Kit Kittredge, representing the American Great Depression era
•   Nanea Mitchell, representing the World War II era from the Pearl Harbor bombing and America's official entry into the war, including Hawaiian-American culture[1]
•   Molly McIntire, representing the tail end of the World War II era
•   Maryellen Larkin, representing the Cold War and Postwar Baby Boom eras during the 1950s[1]
•   Melody Ellison, representing the African-American Civil Rights movement of the 1960s[1]
•   Julie Albright, representing the feminist and societal changes of American society during the mid 1970s and the US Bicentennial
•   Courtney Moore, representing the feminist, technological and societal changes in American society and the start of the AIDS pandemic in the mid 1980s