Unlock the magic of music with ‘The Musical Magic Adventure,’ a bilingual masterpiece that captures the joy of music for readers young and old. Dive into Luna’s enchanting musical journey and rediscover the universal language of melodies

La Niña que Sembró un Bosque (Audiolibro en español narrado por Kike Calvo) Las Aventuras de Luna

Únete a Luna en una aventura inspiradora mientras planta árboles y descubre la magia de la naturaleza. Este libro bilingüe para niños enseña valores ambientales de una manera cautivadora.

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An Unforgettable Journey: Inspiring Family Expedition on the Trail of santiago

Explore the heartwarming journey of a family’s unforgettable adventure along the Camino de Santiago in this inspiring video. Join them as they push boundaries, spread hope, and embrace love on this remarkable expedition. From a brave father pushing a stroller to a determined young daughter pedaling alongside, witness their commitment to overcoming challenges together. Get ready to be moved and inspired by this extraordinary tale of unity and resilience. Subtitled in multiple languages for wider accessibility. Share with like-minded friends to spread the message of love and hope!

Join Luna, a brave and loving girl, on her
extraordinary journey to make a difference in the
world. Through her daily routine of planting trees,
Luna inspires the animals of the forest, including her
owl friends Churros and Panela, to come together
and fight against the destruction of their home.
When disaster strikes and the Buhouho family is
left homeless, Luna’s unwavering dedication to
planting trees becomes the key to restoring their
beloved forest. With beautiful illustrations and a
heartfelt message, “Luna, the Girl Who Planted a
Forest” is a captivating tale that will leave children
inspired to make a difference in their own world.
Embark on this thrilling story and discover the
power of a small action to change the fate of a
forest and the lives of its inhabitants!

QUECHUA: La Niña que Sembró un Bosque (Audiolibros en Lenguas Indígenas) Las Aventuras de Luna

Huk warmi kuyakuq killata yanapan, Kay tiqsi muyupi purimusqanpi hukniyananpaq. Mallkikunata tarpuspa. Killaqa uywakunata qayakun masinkuna kuyay chusiqkunataq […]

Less than half of the world’s population restricts themselves to a single language. So what are monolinguals missing out on?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Teaching Financial Education to Children: A Fun and Engaging Contest for Educators Financial literacy is […]

Research has demonstrated that when a bilingual person uses one language, the other is active simultaneously (Pliatsikas, 2020). The phenomenon is called speech coactivation. The constant juggling between two languages requires regulating how much a person accesses a language at any given time. It is an essential skill from a communication point of view since it is difficult to understand a message when the other language keeps interfering.

Learning two languages instead of just one has obvious practical advantages in an increasingly globalized world. But in […]