Shopping for a “bird-obsessed” friend, family member or yourself? I have decided to write a general guide (list is not in order of preference) to help you choose your special gift for a birder. Making sure it will make happy anyone interested in birdwatching, and nature in general.

Why Birds Sing?

Have you ever wondered why birds sing? In this documentary inspired by the book of the same title by musician and eco-philosopher David Rothenberg’s viewes explore the intriguing theories on why birds sing.

We know that many of you are itching to get out and explore the world, and travel companies like Colombia Photo Expeditions believe leisure travel will return and can be done safely. For this reason, they have designed a set of “Peace of Mind” natural history, birdwatching and photography tours that we think are the safest way to get you back out there when international air travel resumes

Colombia Photo Expeditions has just introduced a new unique once-in-a-lifetime expedition, a brand new exclusive Camp experience in […]

Colombia: Top Birds of the Choco Region 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 3

In this episode we explore the top birds of the Choco Region in Colombia.

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Colombia: Top 10 Birds 🎥 Birdwatching | Episode 2

In this episode we professional birding guide talks about Colombia´s top ten birds.