Vanuatu Water Music

The Mystical Water Music from Vanuatu.In the isolated Northern tropical islands in the Banks and Torres region of Vanuatu, women wade up to their waist dressed with traditional clothing, including arm bands and headwear made from flowers, to perform mystical water music. Water is their instrument in a magical display of skill playing this instrument. The women stand waist-deep in the water, slapping and stirring the surface, and singing in the Mwerlap language.

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Shaolin Kunfgu: Finding Your Own Way (Chi Kung)

Shaolin Kunfgu: Finding Your Own Way (Chi Kung)

As a photographer, I feel attracted by flowers. They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. And all, […]

SARAH LEEN | Interview with the former Director of Photography for National Geographic Magazine | VISUAL STORYTELLING

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Incredible ENCOUNTER with a female PUMA and her CUBSTORRES del PAINE (CHILE)

Welcome to Patagonia in Chile. This is the story of Blinka, a female puma dwelling in Torres del Paine National Park, together with her two cubs. She probably had her right eye damaged in a fight.

Many locals consider the Puma concolor the guardian of the Andes. Pumas inhabit shrubby steppe ecoregion, woodlands, and mountains.  For muy indigenous cultures throughout the Americas, this animal is revered as sacred.



IN-DEPTH interview with photographer, author, and presenter based in South Africa. A personal interview conducted by Kike Calvo, about Shannon Wild´s career highlights, life challenges, and unexpected happenings that made her who she is today.

First VIDEOs of the Endurance Wreck in Antarctica (Shackleton’s Ship)

106 years later, Shakleton´s ship has been found in Antarctica. Today, we can say that The Endurance, the 144-foot three-masted wooden ship that sank in the Weddel Sea in 1915 has been found.  The historic wreck was located by the Endurance 22 Expedition, east of Antarctica Peninsula, by a multidisciplinary team nearly 3.008 meters deep. It took almost 15 days to search an area of about 400 square km.