What is an X-BOW (XBOW)? What is an X-Bow ship? 

This video will explain to you what is an X-Bow. In ship design, it is sometimes called an inverted bow or reverse bow.

One day, I started hearing a melody in his head. I ventured into the wonderful journey of learning to play piano, along with my six-year daughter. In a fun and challenging effort, I wrote my first song. Un Recuerdo para el Mañana, which translates into a Memory for Tomorrow. A very simple score that tried to capture the joy of becoming a dad for the first time; the priceless feeling of inspiring others to dream and aspire.

The Adventures of Pili in New York

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National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson explains all the insights and nuances of traveling to Scotland. From the best places to photograph to understanding the mystery of Loch Ness.