SOS COLOMBIA 🆘 MENSAJE de ESPERANZA para COLOMBIA 💛 💙 ❤️ Encanto: ¿PORQUE Disney escogió Colombia?

Tras los acontecimientos ocurridos en Colombia en los últimos días, el fotógrafo Kike Calvo envía un mensaje sobre […]

“The Adventures of Pili in Colombia is a fable of love and friendship, a quest for answers to explain why the birds have lost their colors.¨
– Luanne Rice
New York Times Bestselling Author

¨Kike Calvo has done it again! The author who enchanted us all with "The Adventures of Pili" has crafted another’s children’s masterpiece. In “The Richest Hummingbird in the Rain Forest,” Kike shares the endearing tale of Walela and Unicorn, two adorable hummingbirds at the center of a parable that reminds us all of an important life lesson. The illustrations are also superb, lending even greater depth and appreciation to the story. Kudos to Kike!¨ ~Peter Antonucci. Author, Billionaire’s Paradise: Ecstasy at Sea.

New bilingual kids. Great gift for Christmas, including The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito; The Big Purple Book; and The Moon is made of Dreams

The Adventures of Pili Coloring Books are a great educational tool illustrated with eye-catching drawings. Our books inspire little explorers to have fun while nurturing essential fine motor skills, as well as observation and creativity. We encourage families to explore the world of dinosaurs – and tackle concepts like animal behavior and natural selection – while sharing the creative process of coloring. Inside you will find: – Simple illustrations of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals found in North America and South America – Bold lines to help young artists stay within the lines – Dinosaur names in English and Spanish – Time periods when dinosaurs lived – Diet details: carnivorous, herbivorous

Nighthawk: The Tale of a Flightless Mosquito: Nighthaw was a special mosquito. So special he was born wingless. But how he wished he was like the others. He longed to buzz freely through the air, and explore the earth with long and strong wings. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Take off on Nighthawk’s adventure as he goes in search of happiness, and discover how helping others can help you!

El Gran Libro Morado 🎥 Si Piensas que estás teniendo un mal día

¿Estás teniendo un mal día? ¡Este pequeño libro morado iluminará tu día! No hay apuro demasiado grande, ni problemas demasiado pequeños. A veces lo único que necesitas son las palabras de ánimo de papá, y un poco …. Sigue el viaje de una valiente y pequeña niña a través de los altibajos de la vida y descu- bre cómo aprende a sonreír incluso en los días malos. Sin importar qué edad tengas, ¡siempre hay espacio para las tradiciones familiares! ¿Tu familia tiene alguna?