World of Dances #4


This post is the first in the World of Dances Series,  which profiles beautiful ballet and dance photographs, that photographer and National Geographic Expert Kike Calvo captures during his travels.

My dream is … to become a great professional dancer. ¨When I dance,¨ she explains, ¨I can express my feelings. I like to breathe it all. When I see someone dancing, I experience butterflies in my stomach¨, says Daniela

Daniela Bringas, 14, is the daughter of a doctor. She is currently attending the Beny More Art School in Cienfuegos. Bringas has been dancing since the age of 5 and admires Marta Graham, looking to her for inspiration for dance and movement.

Dancer: Daniela Bringas
Company: Beny More Art School
Nationality: Cuban
Location: Cienfuegos (Cuba)

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