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Prepare for a tale of triumph over neck pain that’ll leave you chuckling. This is the tale of how a standing desk waltzed into my life and gave my laziness a run for its money!

I woke up to the sad news of the passing of American conservation biologist Tom Lovejoy. Tom was […]

EXPLORE The HIDDEN BEAR River | 8-mile DESCENT of Highway 174 Bridge (CALIFORNIA)

Explore the Bear River, a tributary to the Feather River in the Sierra Nevada and flows southwest 73 miles through the Sierra. Where is Bear River in California.

Intro To Photogrammetry with Kike Calvo I So You Want to Create Maps Using Drones?

What is Photogrammetry? Intro To Photogrammetry with Kike Calvo

The 10 Best Bitcoin Gifts for Hodlers
Shopping for a “crypto-obsessed” friend or family member? If you know anyone who believes blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform the world, you will find the perfect selection of gifts for the Bitcon Hodler. Catch them off guard with gifts that will put a smile on their faces.

As I moved forward in the development of The Adventures of Pili project during 2020 I could not but start wondering if I should change my inner question to what for rather than to why. We have always heard that many creations are born from sickness, grief, pain, and challenges. I had no doubt that art is a process to express emotions.

Una Máscara de Colección

La historia detrás de la primera máscara de madera tallada por el maestro artesano colombiano Francisco Padilla en el barrio Galapa de Barranquilla.

Because I have no doubt this is what you were looking for, I decided to share. If I […]