✅ Como VENCER al Algoritmo de YouTube RÁPIDO desde cero y tener MÁS SUSCRIPTORES y VISTAS

En este video explico algunos trucos para hacer crecer un canal de YouTube desde cero. Mi canal pasó […]

¨Kike Calvo has done it again! The author who enchanted us all with "The Adventures of Pili" has crafted another’s children’s masterpiece. In “The Richest Hummingbird in the Rain Forest,” Kike shares the endearing tale of Walela and Unicorn, two adorable hummingbirds at the center of a parable that reminds us all of an important life lesson. The illustrations are also superb, lending even greater depth and appreciation to the story. Kudos to Kike!¨ ~Peter Antonucci. Author, Billionaire’s Paradise: Ecstasy at Sea.

Este fin se semana pude ver la viralidad de YouTube. Es apenas unas horas, uno de los mis videos se volvió viral e imparable en las redes, consiguiendo más de 37.000 visitas, 2.300 likes y 430 comentarios.

Inspired by his daughter, National Geographic photographer Kike Calvo set out to create a children’s book that would […]

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