Free Book Distribution in the Amazon River

_DSC8276A girl from the small Amazon Tarapoto community in Colombia enjoys one of our Coloring bird’s books.

Little Silvana Vásquez lives in Comunidad 7 de Agosto, located on the Atacuari River. Every year, our Dragonfly Ambassador Caro Villegas returns to this house with supplies, the place where she lived for six weeks when Silvana was four years old. 

A student from  San Juan de Atacuari, located on a river with the same name. It is the last Colombian community before reaching the border with Peru. The Escuela Lozano Torrijos works with 57 students. 


Team member Adiela Alvarez, who helped us on our last book distribution in March this yer, speaks with Keler Coello, teacher and education coordinator at the Santa Teresita School on the  Loretoyacu river. Coello is responsible of 17 children, from grade 0 till fifth grade. Each book delivery is accompanied by a detailed questionnaire


A kid from the Puerto Rico community on the Loretoyacu River colors one of our bilingual coloring books. The school has a small bakery and drinking water.

A girl from the Tarapoto Community, quietly by herself in a magical place, unique for birding and dolphin watching, colors our Birds of Colombia Coloring Book


A proud inhabitant of San Antonio de Cacao in Perú holds one of our bilingual coloring books. The community is located across the river of Puerto Nariño in Colombia. This community has one of the most beautiful Arboles de Oje ( Ficus insipida ) we have seen. Many houses have beehives that produce delicious honey. 

IMG_3364Using small wooden motorboats, our books get to remote communities. Picture is El Correo Lake, on the Loretoyacu River, on the way to Puerto Nariño.