Top 10 Movies About Photographers

Top 10 Movies about Photographers by KIKE CALVO BLOG

This post is the latest in the Photography Series which profiles interesting information, thoughts and research  that Kike learns about during his travels.

Looking for something to get your inspiration flowing, entertain you, or simply make you think? Here is a collection of movies movies about photographers for you to explore!

 1. City Of God

This is a critically acclaimed story about two brothers growing up in some of the most notorious slums in Rio de Janeiro. One of these boys will grow up seeing the world with the eye of an artist, and his journey to follow his dream becomes his window to a world beyond his wildest imaginings. His relationship with his brother and his struggling community creates a story of triumph in the face of incredible adversity.

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2. Rear Window           

Directed by the famed Alfred Hitchcock, Rear Window tells the tale of a wheelchair-bound photographer who, one day, sees something suspicous out his window. Hitchock artfully draws out a suspenseful narrative where the man becomes convinced that he has witnessed a murder, and begins to take action to expose it.

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3. Flags of Our Fathers

Most Americans have seen the famous photograph of six soldiers struggling together to raise the American flag at Iwo Jima. This movie goes deeper into the lives behind the iconic image, telling the stories of those six men and how they came to be there.

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4. Ship of Theseus 

This award-winning Hindi film explores philosophical questions through the lives of a stockbroker, a sick monk, and an experimental photographer. The intersections and breaks between their lives lead to an examination of what the ideas of truth, beauty, and justice mean to different people, and how they are common among us all.

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 5. Salvador

The true story of the experiences of renowned journalist Richard Boyle in conflict-ridden El Salvador in the 1980s.

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6. The Amazing Spider-Man

Rather than describing Peter Parker as Spider-Man’s alter ego, maybe we should say that he is a photographer who spends his spare time saving the world! Always mysteriously capturing the best photos of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker ensnares images with his camera just as he traps criminals in his web.

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7. Eyes of Laura Mars

A glamourous fashion photographer sees the murders of her family and friends through psychic visions – can she stop them? The electric energy and thrills will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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8. Pecker

Pecker is just any old guy working in a sandwich shop, until his photos of his weird family become an overnight sensation. He must deal with these changes and fix the turmoil caused in his community through a bizarre series of escapades in this quirky comedy.

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9. Distant

In this haunting, critically acclaimed Turkish film, a photographer struggles to cope with the departure of his wife. When his cousin comes to stay with him, the two are each forced to confront their own psychologies.

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10. Blow-Up

A London photographer lives a high-flying life in the 1960s, photographing models for fashion magazines. While looking over images he took of a woman in a secluded park, he notices some suspicious things in the background – has he discovered evidence of a murder?

Blow Up

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