Disney has released its new trailer for their upcoming new animation film called Encanto. Directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, it will bring the audience closer to the beauty and mysteries of Colombia.In this guide, you will find all the information about Encanto, which translated into Spell or Charm.

“The Adventures of Pili in Colombia is a fable of love and friendship, a quest for answers to explain why the birds have lost their colors.¨
– Luanne Rice
New York Times Bestselling Author


Learn how to make classic American pancakes. I love this recipe because you can modify it depending on what you have at home

🌿 Learn EVERYTHING about the VENUS FLYTRAP and other CARNIVOROUS plants 🐲 What do they eat? Where do they live? 🐲 Are they dangerous? 🌿

Learn everything about the mysterious venus flytrap. Venus flytrap habitat is the longleaf pine habitats in two regions of the Carolinas, the Coastal Plain and Sandhills.

😲 WHAT ECOSYSTEM does a VENUS FLYTRAP live in? 👉👉👉 🌱 Everything about CARNIVOROUS PLANTS 🌱

Everything you always wanted to know about the Venus Flytrap carefully explained by Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation of the North Carolina Botanical Garden. People are curious about Venus Flytraps Carnivorous plants and this video will answer most of the common questions


Today we are making tamales from mexico! This recipe is ancient and dates back to the Aztecs so there are many different ways to make them but this is how I like to do it. Let’s get started!

El Cabo de Hornos. Aun lo recuerdo.

Son pocos los que tienen el privilegio de hacer pie en sus laderas. Su nombre viene del neerlandés Kaap Hoorn. Me inspiré a escribir esta carta para quienes me compartieron en mis viajes Curanto, Chumbeque, Pastel de Jaiba o Sopaipillas. Sí, te lo dedico a tí. Porque tu país Chile, me hizo sonreír. Me permitió caminar por las laderas de Torres del Paine y ver mi primer puma. Porque tú naciste allí, y yo nací aquí. Pero ambos, tú y yo, buscamos la felicidad. Los vientos. Nunca paran. Siempre están ahí.

🐍 Dare to EXPLORE Hernando de SOTO Trail ❌ (GREEN SWAMP Wilderness Preserve) FLORIDA 🐊

The Green Swamp Wildlife Preserve location is in the Four-corner area of Lake, Pasco, Polk, and Sumter counties, east of Dade City.

Explora Islandia con Ocean Missions

Descubre Islandia mientras exploras los océanos, y ayudas a conservarlos con Ocean Mission

Enabling Conservation through Drones and Photography I have always been marveled by how technology, if used properly, can […]