First Words for Little Explorers

It all started waking up at 5 am. Small vocables made up my mind in the same way actions make attitude and behavior. As those small actions became constant. Early morning raising allowed me to start owning many small changes. And one of those transformations was focusing on writing. I am excited to announce that our new bilingual children book First Words for Little Explorers is now available on Amazon. These first hours and days are essential for small projects like us. If you like what we do, giving one of our books to a loved one makes a big difference.

This is a classic First Words book with a modern twist. Little explorers will love practicing their first words while learning about sustainability in this brightly illustrated book. This series invites parents to have conversations with their children using a thoughtfully curated collection of very simple words grouped around sustainability concepts.


Our Books are also available in other languages:
Photo by Caleb Oquendo