😲 WHAT ECOSYSTEM does a VENUS FLYTRAP live in? 👉👉👉 🌱 Everything about CARNIVOROUS PLANTS 🌱

Everything you always wanted to know about the Venus Flytrap carefully explained by Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation of the North Carolina Botanical Garden. People are curious about Venus Flytraps Carnivorous plants and this video will answer most of the common questions, including:
What ecosystem does a Venus flytrap live in? What type of environment do Venus fly traps need? Are Venus fly traps plants or animals? How are Venus fly traps adapted to their environment? Can a Venus fly trap survive without bugs? Does a Venus flytrap poop? Do Venus fly traps eat mosquitoes? Will my Venus Fly Trap die after flowering? Do Venus fly traps eat animals? Do Venus fly traps close forever? How big can Venus flytraps grow? Are Venus fly traps rare? Do leaves fart? Can you feed a Venus fly trap hamburger? Can I overfeed my Venus Fly Trap? Can a Venus flytrap hurt a human? How long do Venus flytraps take to grow? What temperature do Venus flytraps live in?