Today we are making tamales from mexico! This recipe is ancient and dates back to the Aztecs so there are many different ways to make them but this is how I like to do it. Let’s get started!

Los Mejores Vinos de América | Colombia: El Restate de Viñedos Antiguos

¿Sabías que en Colombia se producen vinos de calidad desde hace años? Pues así es. A pesar de tener un clima tropical con alta humedad en muchas zonas, el país guarda un secreto más. En el video de hoy vamos a hablar de una idea que podría potenciar la producción de vinos en otras zonas del país. Y no sólo eso, podría atraer un turismo diferente. No te lo pierdas…

What is more fascinating than a tool from our ancestors? In Colombia, La Chamba is a piece of pottery to prepare food that has been made there for centuries. Named after its origin, La Chamba, Colombia, this pot has a unique look but also a very unique creation process. Let’s see how La Chamba is created, where it comes from and some different recipes you can make in it!

Dining etiquette around the world is intricate and can have regulations that are tricky to follow. While many are not mentioned in this article, it does not mean they lack importance. This read is sure to leave you hungry for more information, we encourage you to check out what the practices in countries around the world may be, especially if you plan to travel there!

I have been paying close attention to how cravings work in the last few days. While I focused on different projects, I noticed that my mood and enthusiasm could impact the way I eat, or to be precise, the food I am interested in devouring in those particular moments. My overall diet is quite healthy and balanced, but momentary emotions, seem to initiate what it seems to be a wave.